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The Prospectors Pick caters for all types of metal detecting, weather it is searching for jewellery on the beach or looking for the elusive gold nugget to retire with. The beach detectors are a much different unit than the dedicated gold prospecting metal detector. The beach detector will not work as good in the heavily mineralised ground that is very common in our goldfields.
Both detectors find all types of metal they just have different jobs. The beach detectors range from $400.00 thru to $2700.00 for the latest CTX3030 water proof model, while the more sophisticated Gold GPX5000 prospecting unit is around $6500.00

It is great to have all of these latest technology detectors but it’s a whole lot better if know how to use it correctly. We used to have one day training courses on the use of metal detectors, but we have opted to one on one training that last for about 1 to 1.5 hours. This is far better than the full day course as that is information overload and far too confusing. Also the one on one tuition is available to customers for free time permitting.

When you are ready to venture up into Gold Fields and you’re not sure where to go, we cater for that too. The Prospectors pick has several gold prospecting tenements that are available for our customers to prospect on. We just need a general housekeeping form to be signed and once again it’s no cost.

Along with the great range of detectors we have in stock, we have an extensive range of accessories and coils available. We only stock quality gear that we use and recommend, as you are probably aware there is a lot of junk for sale out there. We also have gift vouchers, gold pans, prospecting picks, coils and gold scales.

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